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About the game, play and how we have fun in the family for Holidays

About the game, play and how we have fun in the family for Holidays

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The life of a parent requires you to be more curious, more relaxed and more willing to play and play: you want, you do not want, you will make time from the first moments to learn with your child and remind the child of you how important to share the fun with those around you. At Christmas, take advantage of the free days to return to your childhood and turn your time at home into a time of relaxation and joy.

Take for example the miracle of shaping all the beams you imagine. Good exercise for the mobility of the hands, safe balm for the nerves and constant source of astonishment, modeling is one of the simplest activities to try with a child, no matter how small. You only need a pack of modeling paste suitable for children - Play-Doh for example is non-toxic, non-irritating and easy to clean on surfaces and is guaranteed to fascinate little ones for a long time.

As you grow together and enter more and more into the universe of stories read, seen and imagined, you can use the characters loved by your child to try together more complex activities: drawn, colored, cut and pasted. Use the characters loved by the little ones, for example the pony in the My Little Pony magic universe, who come in a variety of story books and activities, toys, games and educational software. Thus, the knowledge is also accumulated in play and easy to share and experiment with other children.

And, because not all children are captivated by magic, there are many ways to challenge the little explorers, worried about "how" and "why", which in the morning and until evening would make and break, would build up to the ceiling. just the next day to take it off. When it is difficult to choose between a toy car and a robot toy, choose the Transformers robot that turns into the car and vice versa, in a few moves, for hours to build, race cars and conquer the universe!

Later, when children grow up and prefer to spend more time with friends, it may be time to let them explore on their own. You can offer them team games, good for both indoor and outdoor, such as Nerf blasters, and watch them communicate, make strategies and take care of their friends. Just as you taught them.

It is never easy, but as you are more open to (re) learning and experiencing, the time you spend with your children can also increase your enjoyment for some. The parent-child relationship is not one-directional, often the little ones will know or understand things better than we do, they will provoke you to think, to ask yourself and to get serious about the play.

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