Workshop: the method of the Personal Archetypes Reference

Workshop: the method of the Personal Archetypes Reference

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Training in the Personal Archetypes Referential method

Workshop intorductiva in the symbolism of the Tarot of Marseille and in the calculation of the native theme of the personal archetypes

A new workshop is open in September to anyone who wants a unique method of personal development!

The Association of Personal Archetypes References (ARAP) will invite you for three days to a new Workshop on the wisdom of the Marseille Tarot and the fascinating world of symbols by deepening the method of Personal Archetypes (RAP) - the method of personal development, insight and self-knowledge through the arcs of Tarot.

The RAP method can be used as a therapeutic tool both in its own right and as an aid in any form of therapy, its accuracy being that of a true radiograph of the human soul. The RAP method comprises an ensemble of archetypes present in the Tarot arcs, an extremely wide symbolism, of great depth and complexity.

The interpretation mode takes into account in particular the client's experience with the image of the arches and the associations he makes through projection on them. Then the house from the referential in which the respective arcana and its archetypal meanings are taken into account. Thus, working with this method greatly facilitates the work of identifying the resources that can be used to achieve the objectives proposed in the trip to SINE.

At the same time, the RAP serves successfully as an instrument to explore the difficulties that each of us faces, offering valuable levers to identify the causes that underlie our most important challenges.

This method of personal development and self-knowledge offers significant insights into our unconscious conditioning and interdictions, whether their source is moral, educational or family. These are just some of the immediate benefits of working with the RAP method, offering a wealth of perspectives that help create real "shortcuts", which save time and bring more clarity toward achieving personal development goals.

The workshop is held in Bucharest. The beginner module takes place between September 23-25, 2016:

In this workshop we will study:

1. Initiation in the Personal Archetypes Referential method

2. Symbolism of the major arches of the Tarot of Marseille

3. Deepening of houses 1 - 13

4. How to calculate and prepare a Referential

5. The first bases of interpretation

The diploma of participation is granted.

At the end of this session, for the people interested in a complete training and obtaining the accreditation as a practitioner of the RAP method, a calendar will be established with the dates in which the next stages will be carried out. The beginner module is required to continue deepening this method with its creator, philosopher and psychotherapist Georges Colleuil.


Corina Pirsean - accredited practitioner of the Personal Archetypes Referential method

Monica Daniela Gaitanaru - Jungian psychotherapist analyst and accredited practitioner of the Personal Archetypes Referential method

Workshop duration: 23-25 ​​September 2016

Cost: 500 RON

Details and registration: [email protected], 0724.383.653, [email protected], 0746.107.106

* The schedule and location of the workshop will be communicated by e-mail to those who register.


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