Changed diapers. Tricks to perfect you in this activity!

Changed diapers. Tricks to perfect you in this activity!

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If you have just become a mother for the first time or this is about to happen, it certainly scares you a lot. The responsibility that will fall on your shoulders is huge, but there are always ways to turn it into a fun experience, full of satisfaction and sweet moments that you will end up saying you would give them for nothing in the world.

You've probably started reading parenting books and researching forums and sites for moms, so you have a pretty clear idea of ​​how you want to educate your child and what you want. to offer them and those you want to help them to acquire as they grow, develop, mature.

But besides all this, in case the setting of standards and values ​​is long discussed and completed, there are also those little things in which you have no help whatsoever. One of them is changing the diapers.

Think about the fact that in the first months of life you will do this several times every day, and yet, no one thought to prepare an instruction manual that would be helpful.

There are so many specialized works that teach you how to feed your child, how to play with him, how to help him develop, how to help him become discouraged, how to make him a good man, how to help him discover and take advantage of his passions and yet, no one seems eager to teach you the basic things, such as changing diapers.

And you need to get acquainted with this art, precisely because you need to keep an eye on it every day. Here are some tips from mothers who have more experience and who will be very helpful to you!

Be always ready

No mother wants to get to change the baby's diaper or only when it is already full, and the baby has an intense state of discomfort. Of course, not even timing the use of each diaper is the best option, because you can always have some surprises; after all, physiological processes do not work according to a strict schedule.

This means, in fact, that it would be best for you to be always ready for action. So make sure you have all the necessary "tools" at hand at all times.

Diapers, dry and wet towels and bags for storing used diapers should not be missing at any time, wherever you are.

Use ingenious methods to avoid dirt

Many moms have found that if they place a clean diaper under the dirty one, before actually changing the baby, they manage to keep the place where the operation takes place. Basically, you work according to the instructions, but you change the order a little in order to ease your work and reduce the risks. Great, isn't it?

Turn your diaper change into a fun time

Even if you do it because it "should", changing diapers is not an activity that should be viewed with bad eyes. If you think a little about it, you will come to the conclusion that it is still a possibility for you to spend time with your child.

Take advantage of it to strengthen your connection and do not shy away from talking to or playing with it. Thus, the change of diapers will become much more enjoyable for both of them and will get rid of the label of "corvoada" assigned by some mothers.

Try to distract her

For children, changing diapers is not part of the fun activities area. When you do it robotically and do not use any trick that will make him feel otherwise than on a table of operations, it is normal to sometimes face his lack of cooperation or even scorn.

This means that you have to remove all the aces from the sleeve and proceed in such a way that you take your mind off the unpleasant side and turn your attention to something else.

The talk may not always work, but a well placed toy, possibly one that sings or moves, could be of great use to you in such situations.

What tricks do you use when changing diapers? Tell us your ideas in the comments section below!

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