5 Romanian clothing designers from which to dress

5 Romanian clothing designers from which to dress

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If you want to dress or dress created by designers, there is no need to take a look through the famous fashion houses abroad or travel abroad for them. You can find trends and collections of the most famous and appreciated designs from us. There are a few internationally recognized Romanian fashion designers who have made an impression on the most famous fashion podiums: Paris, New York, Milan, etc.

Here are 5 famous Romanian designers that are worth considering when you want to design a special dress or have a dream outfit in your wardrobe!

Catalin Vote

Catalin Botezatu is the most famous and talented fashion designer in Romania. He is also one of the most appreciated ambassadors of our country abroad. Whenever he is invited to present his outfits at New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week or in other famous fashion capitals, the Romanian creator brings an extra image and notoriety to our country.

His collections of dresses and clothes include both pret-a-porter and haute-couture pieces. Many of the line collections, price-a-porter, can be found in Romanian stores at very affordable prices.

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Mary Lucia Hohan

Maria Lucia Hohan is, perhaps, the famous Romanian designer abroad, starting to dismiss even Catalin Botezatu or Ingrid Vlasov in terms of notoriety in fashion. Mary Hohan's costume creations are prized by a lot of famous Hollywood stars.

The talented Romanian can boast of having dressed so far stars like Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Evqa Longoria and Nicole Scherzinger, for some of the most important events of their lives. Raised in Paris, Maria Hohan's vision for creating clothes quickly established herself among the stars abroad and attracted the appreciation of even the harshest fashion critics.

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Rita Muresan

Rita Muresan is an echoing name in the world of fashion in Romania, having been active in the field for almost 15 years. Has launched, over time, impressive collections of clothing. In 1998, the designer opened her own fashion house, Rebecca Rita, whose threshold has so far been passed by dozens of Romanian stars.

If you want to feel like a star, in a dress or outfit that bears the signature of a designer, you can trust the vision of Rita Muresan. It creates personalized and unique outfits for elegant and stylish women, but is inspired by the patterns and seasonal trends. Rita Muresan is one of the most popular fashion designers for wedding dresses in Romania.

If you are planning your wedding and have not yet chosen your wedding dress, run to Rita's workshop and see what proposals she has for the most beautiful day of your life.

Razvan Ciobanu

Razvan Ciobanu is another famous Romanian fashion designer, who has established himself on the podiums around the world. The dresses that bear the signature of the fashion designer have always risen to great heights and have been appreciated on the most famous fashion podiums.

Razvan Ciobanu is the fashion designer who creates some of the most beautiful dresses in Romania and dresses a lot of stars from us. Dresses from the collections of the famous fashion designer can be worn with grace at worldly events, weddings or baptisms.

If you want to make room in your wardrobe for a collection dress, then Razvan Ciobanu should be your first option, having a romantic, feminine, clear vision on this type of outfits.

Elena Perseil

Elena Perseil is one of the most talented young Romanian fashion designers. Graduating from some important art schools, from Romania and France, and established for some time in Paris, Elena Perseil is an ambitious character, who has managed to impose herself through her creations both in the local and international fashion.

The collections of the young designer are modern and comfortable and are addressed to the elegant woman, who adopts in her clothing a chic or glamorous style.

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Which Romanian designer would you choose to create your wedding dress or outfit for a special event in your life? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!