Harassed at work

Harassed at work

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At the Labor Inspectorate no petition was filed for this reason, although the women admit that they are making advances.

At the Labor Inspectorate no petition was filed for this reason, although the women admit that they are making advances.
The romances do not get crowded to advertise their owners or colleagues. In 2004 and during the first seven months of this year, no complaint was filed with the Labor Inspectorate alleging sexual harassment. The main reasons are the lack of information and the fear of losing the job. The vast majority of the petitions filed by the women last year at the Territorial Labor Inspectorates concerned the abusive termination of the employment contracts, more than half taking place in the period of care of the child up to 2 years.
"The colleagues were making jokes on my behalf"
Although they do not complain to the competent forums that they are harassed in the workplace, most women in particular recognize that bosses or colleagues are not exactly holy.

"I had some problems when I was hired. Around the corners, the colleagues were making jokes and close to me. But I saw the job and they were quiet," Claudia Manole (35 years old) told us, secretary at a construction company.
If things had gone further and he had been made sexual advances, she told us he did not think he would have filed a complaint, preferring to resign.
In a 2003 study by "The Gallup Organization Romania", 12a of the women in Bucharest acknowledged that they witnessed sexual harassment, of which half at the workplace. Of these, half reacted by expressing their anger verbally. Of the total number of those questioned, 17a admitted that they were sexually harassed at least once at work or at school.
Mayor fined 20 million old lei
Statistics show that even any cases of discrimination on the basis of sex, employment or promotion in companies, are not claimed. In 2004, out of 480 petitions submitted to the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD), only 67 concerned discrimination cases. Until May this year, only one petition was filed, CNCD self-filing in 13 other such cases. "The world does not know the laws and does not know about us, only 20 of the population hearing about us. As we receive more funds, we will try to make ourselves known through information campaigns," Csaba Ferenc told us Asztalos, president of the CNCD.
The most important case solved last year was that of a pregnant woman in the eighth month, who competed to occupy a position at Luna Luna City Hall, in Cluj county. "After taking the contest, the mayor refused to hire her. Following the notification, the CNCD fined the mayor with 20 million lei, and the woman was hired," Asztalos said.
MApN did not want pregnant women
The most important case solved this year concerned the Ministry of National Defense. Competitors wishing to attend the courses of a military education unit were asked to submit a pregnancy test at enrollment and to sign a declaration that they were obliged to leave the school if they became pregnant and were born during the studies. and to pay the value of the studies. "After our intervention, the Ministry of Defense gave up these abusive demands," the CNCD president said.
What the law says
Law 202/2002 - regarding equal opportunities between women and men - defines sexual harassment as any unwanted behavior - verbal, nonverbal or physical in nature, which has as its purpose or effect the attainment of the person's dignity and / or the creation of a degrading environment, by intimidation, hostility, humiliation or offense.
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