Fall in love with the smile of your half

Fall in love with the smile of your half

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SPLAT LOVE toothpaste whitens, refreshes the breath and increases the immunity of the oral cavity

A wide, bright and fresh smile can be the beginning of a wonderful story. But as the mouth cavity hides a lot of pathogenic microbes, which transform the microflora present in a hostile environment for tooth enamel, the healthy and white smile can be easily endangered.

Did you know that there is a toothpaste specially created for lovers? SPLAT LOVE, fine toothpaste, red, with a rich raspberry aroma and active ingredients, takes care every day of the health of the oral cavity. This whitens, refreshes the breath and increases the immunity of the oral cavity, thanks to Perilla seed extract, a plant used in traditional Japanese cuisine, which exerts an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the appearance and development of carcinogenic bacteria.

Fine abrasive particles of SPLAT LOVE Carefully clean the enamel, rendering its gloss. The special ingredient based on sweet wood is a natural sweetener and has anti-inflammatory and caries protection properties. A natural disaccharide helps to maintain a fresh breath for a long time and prevents the formation of volatile sulfurous compounds, which causes the unpleasant smell of the breath. Due to the key ingredient based on fresh wood extract, which is a patented antiseptic, LOVE toothpaste offers effective protection against the Herpes virus.

SPLAT in collaboration with '"Human Ecology" - the Educational and Research Center of the Ecological Faculty in Russia, conducted a study that showed that, in 80% of cases, LOVE toothpaste has an effect on improving the emotional state of those who use.

This study allowed the hypothesis that LOVE toothpaste increases the level of endorphin (hormonal happiness) in the blood. It does not contain fluoride.

Clinically demonstrated effects:

  • CLEANING - 73.8%
  • ANTIQUES - 61.2%
  • ANTI-FLAME - 72.9%
  • HEMOSTATIC - 82%
  • ALBIRE - 1 ton in 4 weeks according to the VITAPAN scale

Price: 24.99 rum.

More details about SPLAT LOVE can be found at: //, // or in Sensible drugstores.