Gala The Christmas Tree Festival raised € 250,000 for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Gala The Christmas Tree Festival raised € 250,000 for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

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The 2015 edition of the Christmas Tree Festival, organized by Save the Children Romania, raised the sum of 250,000 Euros from the auction of the 22 trees specially created for this event, from the raffle tickets and sponsorships.

During the Gala the Christmas Tree Festival, which took place on Thursday evening, December 10, the brads designed and donated by famous designers from Romania were sold with amounts between 500 and 19,500 Euros to the companies that bid for them. In total, the tight sum from the auction of the trees was 108,100 euros. Another 4,000 euros were collected from the raffle tickets, and 142,000 euros came from sponsorships.

"We thank all those who have been with us this year; thanks to the designers, sponsors and partners we are able to successfully carry on this tradition of magic trees. We have managed to raise 250,000 Euros by which we will help children to go to The funds raised this year will allow us to restore the right to education to disadvantaged children next year, "said Andi Moisescu, President of Save the Children Romania.

Present at the event, Adrian Curaj - Minister of Education - said that equity and access to education of children in difficult situations is the priority of his mandate. "I came with emotions, but now I have even greater emotions after, while talking with the students from the programs for which you organize this festival, a little girl shook me in the arms without anyone asking her this. What you do as a civil society is wonderful. "- Adrian Curaj, Minister of Education.

The tree dedicated to the tragedy from Colectiv, sold for 19,500 euros

One of the most coveted fir trees, sold for 19,500 euros, was "our fir tree" made by Omid Ghannadi if Amalia Enache, which represents the solidarity of the Romanians. Contrasted with colored candles and with popular symbols in the colors of the Romanian tricolor, the fir tree is dedicated to the victims of the tragedy from the Colectiv club.

"The candles in front of the Collective continue to burn at Christmas, in this tree. For them all. This tree represents the solidarity of the Romanians. It shows us, in an overview, how beautiful we are together, for better and for worse, "said Omid Ghyannadi, the designer who made the tree.

The Salvati Copiii tree, designed by designer Stefania Mircea together with the volunteers from Salvati Copiii, he was tendered for the sum of 12,000 euros. The fir tree is made from friendly letters, colorful numbers and funny games, all of which are brought from the wonderful world of childhood. The world champion in tennis, Horia Tecau, entered live from Florida to join the Christmas Tree Festival and sent a message to the organizers. "I am glad that I can be with you for this cause and I wish that in the future I will be more and more involved in your programs," said Horia Tecau.

Another tree sold with a large amount at auction - 10,000 Euro - is the one Irina Neacsu, with the theme "Together", representing a feathered bird in the form of colored hearts.

"Together we become, we can, we realize, we move, we change. Christmas is his story of "being together", of love, of warmth, of longing. "Together" is sometimes born too rarely. "Together" sometimes too often remains an abstract gesture. But today we have joined forces to help the children. ”- Irina Neacsu, designer.

The "Magic Winter Wonderland" fir tree by designer Stephan Pelger it was sold for 8,000 euros. "The winters of my childhood remain for me the most beautiful experiences ever! Snow white, clean air, Christmas scent, fresh coconuts and scallops, children's laughter, all this means to me the perfect winter, the magical winter and is, in fact, the starting point, the inspiration for this year's fir tree. I am glad that through this tree I can help the children to go to school. ”- Stephan Pelger, designer.

Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President Save the Children Romania, said that the purpose of the Christmas Tree Festival is to reduce school dropout. "We thank all the designers and generous people who were with us. Without the generosity of our sponsors, this would not be possible. We thank all the companies, designers, public persons and not only, who support us and trust that together we can give these children the chance for education and a decent future ”- Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President Save the Children Romania

For the 2015 edition of the Christmas Tree Festival, 22 original fir trees were created by Romanian designers: The bids entered by the auction were purchased by: fir Omid Ghannadi & Amalia Enache - BCR, fir Doina Levintza - Anca Vlad (Fildas), fir Stephan Pelger - Marius Ivan, fir Irina Neacsu - Lucia Costea (SECOM), fir Carmen Ormenisan - Regatta Estate , Malvina Cervenschi fir - Lucia Costea (SECOM), Iris Serban & Lama Arhitectura fir - Corina Barladeanu - 2activePR, Hamid Nicola fir, with Pop Art Design support - Pernod Ricard, MATIUS & Philips Romania fir - LIDL Romania, Zenya Atelier & Madalina fir Stan - Pernod Ricard, Dragos Epure & Anca Lungu - LIDL Romania, PNK Casual - Kaufland Romania, Ioana Ciolacu - Dragos Grigoriu, Cristina Savulescu - Pernod Ricard, Mihai Topescu - Radu George (Cornel Ilie) Adelina Ivan - LIDL Romania, Bogdan Fir Tree Adrian Lefter & Honeywell - Pernod Ricard, Tudor Fir Tree Tailor - in collaboration with Miso Architects - Class Living, Save the Children & Stefania Mircea - Class Livi ng, Rozalia Bot fir - Coca-Cola Hellenic, Iris Serban fir - GETT's Hair Studio and Dianei Stoicescu fir - Kaufland Romania.

The funds collected at the Christmas Tree Festival Gala will be used to fund pre-school, after-school and second-chance educational programs, which include about 2,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families.

Through the 14 editions so far, the Christmas Tree Festival has facilitated access to education for 23,2600 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The total amount collected in previous editions amounted to 3,104,100 euros.

The funds were used for the reintegration of working children and for the prevention of school dropout in poor communities in rural areas. Also, their families received financial assistance and counseling in the Save the Children Romania educational centers.