Kids say YES to classical music!

Kids say YES to classical music!

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Surprisingly, but the kids even say "YES" to classical music! After visiting the first 7 schools in sector 5 enrolled in the program "Say YES to Classical Music!", The unconventional hours of music supported by Fonetic Quintet have enjoyed an overwhelming number of positive reactions from students and teachers!

The program "Say YES to classical music!", Performed by Fonetic Quintet in partnership with ArCub, is halfway. So far, the members of the quintet in collaboration with Oana Serban have presented the story "Petrica and the wolf" in front of over 500 children, from the 7 schools in sector 5 where they sang, and until mid-November, to visit and the rest of the schools in the same sector, enrolled in the program.

Although children are not considered to be the biggest fans of this type of music, after the experience of the first lessons carried out in the first schools, the delight of the little ones has exceeded the expectations. An assembly of the images filmed at the first music lessons can be seen below:

Familiarizing children with classical music and, in particular, students from sector 5 is the instrument by which Fonetic Quintet members set out to achieve the main objective of the project "Say YES to classical music!" disadvantaged area of ​​the capital.

The results of a study carried out a year ago by the European Union places Romania in third place in terms of the dropout rate, with a percentage of 18.1%.

The precarious living conditions and lack of schooling of parents, many of Roma, diminish their chances of completing their studies of most of the children living in Sector 5 of Bucharest. Fonetic Quintet, with the support of Arcub, wants to draw new directions in the development of the education of the students of the primary classes, offering them as an alternative, regarding the choice of a career, studying classical music.

In addition to a possible solution regarding the dropout by students from this disadvantaged area, there is another positive aspect of the project "Say YES to classical music": there are few studies that list the benefits of listening to this musical genre on children's development. Their constant exposure to classical music helps them to stimulate concentration and attention, offering them, in the long term, opening up to new horizons and cultivating the taste for refinement.

About Phonetic Quintet:

The Phonetic members are young graduates of the National University of Music in Bucharest who perform their activity as instrumental artists in the National Radio Orchestra, the Romanian National Opera, the National Youth Orchestra and the Pitesti Philharmonic.

The special guest in the story Petrica and the Wolf is Oana Serban. She made her small debut in the radio theater, in numerous productions of the national radio station. The former producer on Guerrilla radio, brings freshness and spontaneity to the project, coming with experience from the radio world.

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