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Baby bath kit

Baby bath kit

The baby bath kit is essential for the safety and comfort of the baby during washing. It also has a practical role, because it provides you with absolutely everything you need and the care products you need for bathing the little one to flow easily and correctly. Here's what to include in your baby's bath kit, but also some product recommendations to inspire you to create your baby's!

Baby bathing is not one of the simplest "parenting" tasks, especially if you are a mom for the first time. You are quite stressed when you do not know if you hold the baby correctly, if it is sufficient water and has a suitable temperature and you are very afraid not to slip out of your hands and cause an accident.

The stress increases when you find that you do not have access to all the necessary products for the baby's bath to run properly - shampoo, towel, sponge, bathrobe, diapers, etc. For this reason, the complete baby bath kit is essential to reduce some of the stress, and quite large, from each bath.

What should the baby bath kit contain?

The bath kit consists of several product categories: body care products, clothes, towels, diapers and even toys.

Gather around you all the things in the kit before each baby bath. You will notice how easy the washing will go when you have everything at hand and how your baby is more relaxed and happy than ever in the water. Here's what things and products the baby bath kit should contain:

Bathtub, non-slip carpet and water thermometer

The baby bath is essential for bathing the baby at a young age. It is not advisable to bathe in the normal bath. Many modern bathtubs are equipped with a water thermometer, so that you can more easily determine its optimum temperature during bathing. If you do not have this, it is advisable to buy a separate bath thermometer.

Also, the installation of the non-slip mat in the tub is recommended to prevent the baby from slipping and to prevent unwanted accidents. If you do not have such a carpet, you can replace it with a cotton towel, placed on the bottom of the tub, before filling with water.

Ideally, you should also have a room thermometer, to be sure that the room where you are going to bathe your baby does not have too low or too high a temperature.

Also, take with you a hot water vessel to rinse the body and especially the baby's face.

Anatomical tubing with thermometer

The plastic tub is 94 cm long and offers a comfortable and safe baby wash. Until the age of 6 months, the baby can lie down and then up to 15 months in a sitting position., 82 lei

Bath thermometer for water

Bath thermometers in the form of assorted figurines are extremely practical and useful. In addition to measuring water temperature, they can also be used as bath toys. The baby can play freely with them because they are made of latex and do not contain toxic substances., 33 lei

Cotton towels

It is important to have two towels next to you to remove the baby after the bath: one for the face and one for the body. Make sure they are cotton and always clean.

Baby bath towel set - Kitty

The 100% cotton towel set includes 5 essentials that you need during baby bathing:

  • capison towel;
  • mini towel for washing (2 pieces);
  • washing glove;
  • bib., 92 lei

Washing and care products

The skin of your baby is extremely sensitive. Buy soap or shower gel specially created for this age. You can opt for a shampoo variant that also has the role of shower gel. That way, you won't have to buy the shampoo separately.

It is not recommended to wash your baby every time with soap, shampoo or shower gel, especially if you take a daily bath. Clean with such products only the areas where most germs are gathered - behind the ears, hands, feet, neck and chest, and otherwise wash it thoroughly with warm water.

Lotion or body cream after bathing is important to properly nourish and care for the baby's skin. In addition, a soft sponge, specially created for the sensitive skin of the baby, is essential for proper washing in all areas of the body.

Set Chicco Baby Moments

The Chicco baby care kit contains tears-free bath foam, tear-free shampoo and anti-irritant cream with panthenol and zinc oxide., 80.60 lei

Baby care product set

Here is an extremely practical set for the care and hygiene of your baby. Contains towel with hood, brush, chest, nail scissors with rounded edges, nail and bath thermometer., 134 lei

Bath toys

Toys are essential accessories for every baby bath. Besides the fact that it entertains and helps him stay relaxed during the bath, it also offers a feeling of comfort and safety, especially if he is afraid of water.

Bathrobe, diapers, clothes

After you have thoroughly wiped the baby with the towel, put it quickly in the warmth, in a fluffy bathrobe with hood. He keeps his body temperature constant, in the interval when you give him with lotion, massage it, put his diaper and dress it.

Don't forget the chest. It must be with teeth though, specially created for soft and fine baby hair.

Baby bathrobe

Kitty baby bathrobe is made from 100% cotton, thus taking care of the fine and sensitive skin of your baby. It is also very warm and comfortable., 147.56

Products for cleaning the nose

The saline solution and the nasal or rubber suction are essential in the baby's bath kit. These help clean the baby's nasal pathways, helping him breathe easier.

Do you have a bath kit for your baby? What things and products do you never miss around when you take care of your baby? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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