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Week 4 of pregnancy - the to-do list

Week 4 of pregnancy - the to-do list

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It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- do a pregnancy test - most pregnant women get their first test this week, based on the first signs of pregnancy - absence of menstruation, dizziness, nausea, headache, etc.; it is advisable to do 1-2 tests, before being scheduled with the doctor, for the tests that confirm the presence of the pregnancy;

- take a picture when you find out that the result is positive - mark the overwhelming moment with a photo, which will always have a special place in your photo album collection; your tummy is still not seen, because during this period, the fetus has a microscopic size, not being larger than the size of a poppy seed;

- give up drugs and addictions - it is important that once you find out that you are pregnant through the test, stop any action or measure that could endanger the evolution of your pregnancy - these include drug treatments, smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee etc .;

- announce your partner that he will become your father - it is a special moment in your life, which you probably have been waiting for a long time, therefore, it is advisable to mark it by giving him the news in the most creative way possible (a baby bottle on the table, botosei on his pillow, a personalized T-shirt, creative wallpaper on his work laptop, etc.);

- try to calculate your probable date of birth (DPN) - although many pregnant women think that the DPN is established starting with the date of conception (which you cannot know exactly), in fact, doctors calculate it according to the last menstruation; you can do it too, calculating 40 weeks from the first day you had the last menstruation; sure, the date is indicative and will be confirmed only at the first prenatal visit, but trying to calculate it yourself gives you valuable information related to the period of the year the baby will be born, the zodiac sign it will have, etc., on which you look forward to finding out;

- Make an appointment with your family doctor to perform the tests that confirm your pregnancy - go to the doctor with the pregnancy test and the suspicion that you are pregnant; it will guide you towards performing the tests necessary to confirm your ban;

- look for a good obstetrician - since the blood tests confirm your pregnancy, it is time to choose an obstetrician and to schedule your first prenatal visit; go to the recommendations of close friends, other mothers or his notoriety in the field; prepare a list of questions for him, before deciding, regarding his availability during pregnancy, his CV, his preferences regarding natural birth or Caesarean section and what happens if you have a urgency and you can not find it etc.

- inform yourself about the changes that take place in your body - it is important and reassuring to know your body and know exactly what changes to expect during the entire pregnancy; read informative materials related to what happens in the first weeks with the baby, how it evolves and what states you can feel during this period, so that you are prepared for them and face them easier;

- Do not take medications to improve the moods associated with the signs of pregnancy - if you have not yet reached the doctor or you have not been tested for pregnancy confirmation, but you have a headache or nausea and suspect that you are pregnant, do not take any medicine; go on the hand of natural remedies (rest, candy with mint or ginger, avoiding places with strong odors, etc.), until finding out their cause; any medicine given in the first trimester of pregnancy can severely affect the development of the fetus, therefore it is advisable to be cautious;

- rest and relax - the joy of the news overwhelms you and agitates you a lot, but it is important to find time to rest and relax, so as to cope with the bad moods of this period; In addition, you need to charge a lot of energy for the coming months and enjoy the sleep now, as it still does not put your tummy in the path of rest.