Dressing tips for each trimester of pregnancy

Dressing tips for each trimester of pregnancy

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Each trimester of pregnancy changes, gradually, the shape or shape of the body. It is important that your wardrobe also follow the "trends" of the new dimensions and be adapted according to the evolution of the pregnancy, by quarters. Comfort is the main criterion you have to keep in mind when dressing in pregnancy, but neither style should be neglected! Here are some tips or tricks to consider every quarter of pregnancy!


Fashion tips for the first trimester of pregnancy

The first trimester is an easy one to "solve" in pregnancy, from a dress point of view. There are no major changes in weight and your figure is not nearly at all proportions.

During this time, you can dress a large part of the normal wardrobe, before pregnancy, but taking care of a few essentials.

Put aside all the clothes that tend to tighten you in the waist, or at the level of the abdomen, and adopt light outfits that leave your tummy free. Adopt loose or oversized blouses or dresses, and above trench or light cardigans.

Avoid tight-fitting pants, which are fastened to the waist, and adopt those pairs that are elastic.

It is important to feel comfortable, even if you have not yet started to grow belly, and never put pressure on the abdomen with very soft blouses, pants or skirts.

Dress tricks for the second trimester of pregnancy

Your tummy is starting to grow in size starting with the second trimester of pregnancy and it's time to start shopping gradually to adjust your wardrobe for what's to come.

But don't waste it! It is not the case to invest a lot in clothes. Two wide-breasted blouses, baby-doll pattern, that come wide from under the breast, and a light dress are enough. You can also adapt the skirts you already have in the wardrobe and which are elastic and are comfortable.

Give up molded dresses, with zippers or other fasteners that can tighten you to your tummy and adopt those types of fasteners that adjust according to the continuously changing dimensions.

It is time to invest in good quality bras as well, as breast sizes are the first to start changing. Even so, you do not take many models, because the volume of breasts is constantly changing, and in the third trimester of pregnancy you will have to change them. In addition, you do not know if you can wear them after birth, when the breasts gradually return to their original shape.

Dressing tips for the third trimester of pregnancy

In the latter part of the pregnancy, the body undergoes most physical changes, and the belly grows the most. From now on, you should consider extremely comfortable clothes.

You also feel like a balloon and you can barely walk, so you don't want the clothes to bother you and increase your stress level.

More than ever, you need light clothes, comfort being the basic criterion in clothing and footwear.

The key dress piece of this quarter remains the dress, in which you can feel the most comfortable, if you choose the right model. Opt for baby-doll or party-style dresses that allow you freedom of movement and not get confused or uncomfortable.

Even the loose overalls are not to be neglected, if you take care that there are no elastic or belts in the waist area, which will put pressure on the belly.

Light dresses are the best option. You don't even need to get much, because you can wear them in many ways, always accessorizing them differently. Change your bags and shoes, add accessories, a scarf or a different cardigan each time and you can wear the same dress on several occasions.

It's time to change your bras and focus only on comfortable, heel-less footwear. Ballerinas or moccasins are the best choice for the hot season, and in the summer, simple, lightweight sandals with a fastening bar remain a safe option.

Do not forget! Always choose comfortable clothes and do not exaggerate in buying "pregnant" clothes, because you do not want to stay with them. Be creative, take some clothes and turn them into more outfits, with the help of accessories!

What criteria do you use when choosing clothes for pregnancy? What are your fashion tricks? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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