The feelings that try you in the face of pregnancy

The feelings that try you in the face of pregnancy

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The feelings and emotions that you try during pregnancy are quite diverse and contradictory. You can move from joy to sadness, from ecstasy to agony in just a few seconds and you may find yourself in a position to cry for almost anything or for no reason. The main cause of these sudden mood swings or ambivalent feelings is the hormonal storm that occurs in your body from quarter to quarter! Here's what kind of emotions you might try in the face of pregnancy and how to deal with them easier!

Common emotions or feelings during pregnancy

Many of the women who went through the pregnancy compared this period to a premenstrual syndrome that lasts nine months. The same confused states and ambivalent feelings that you try before menstruation comes are also part of the emotional picture of pregnancy, only they do not pass so quickly and have several ups and downs, depending on the "mood" of the hormones in your body.

It is normal to have all kinds of confused states and emotions when you are pregnant, sometimes even contradictory. It is important to know what to expect, so that you can better control them and overcome them successfully. Here are some of the most common emotional changes that occur during pregnancy!

Joy, euphoria

One of the most pleasing and frequent emotions that try to get you pregnant is joy or exaltation. You can often find yourself in a situation where you are so euphoric and full of enthusiasm, apparently for no reason, that you can concentrate on nothing else.

You laugh constantly, you are happy, you want to socialize, do new things and you tend to see only the full part of the glass in any situation. Nothing can destroy your state of euphoria trying to you.

This feeling is caused by the release of endorphins in the brain, but also by other "happiness" hormones, which help you inhibit stress and forget about unpleasant pain and feelings. Take advantage of such moments and enjoy them, because, from one minute to the next, things can take turns unimaginable.


Another common feeling during pregnancy is anxiety. It can be accentuated by the unpleasant symptoms that you need to go through in the first trimester, but also by the feelings of fear that are trying on your health and your baby.

You always have the feeling that anything you do or eat could damage the pregnancy and that any unpleasant sensation you feel is a sign that the fetus is in danger. You become impatient with everything and you tend to become agitated and worried about very small things. Such experiences are natural and are caused by hormones that play with your body and give you headaches.

It is advisable to try to relax as much as possible. Don't do it only when you feel stressed. Make it a daily or weekly habit to do activities that help you get used to it.

Another thing that reduces the anxiety characteristic of pregnancy is the healthy lifestyle (nutrition, sports, medical checks). If you have a balanced life and you are in good health, take care of the baby in your tummy and keep it safe, and the fears are reduced in intensity.

Sadness and crying

At the pole opposite to euphoria and exaltation is sadness, often manifested through repeated crises of crying, sometimes without a just cause. Pregnancy hormones tend to juggle your emotions and feelings and bring you from ecstasy to agony in just a few moments.

You don't have to apologize or embarrass yourself at such times. On the contrary, it is important that when you feel the need to cry, do it. You will certainly feel much better afterwards.

You can feel better if you talk about the feelings that are trying in those moments with those around you. It is a good download method, which frees you from fears and frustrations and helps you to return to a better state.

Resentment, dislike

If you are not sad, exalted or worried, you may experience new emotions: those of hatred or hostility towards people for whom you had no such feelings before. Everyone tends to annoy and irritate you, whether it's close or not.

It is not unusual to experience these emotions, but it is important to control them or try to relax through pleasurable and soothing activities.

Fear, fear

In addition to the feelings of anxiety that will tempt you during pregnancy, the first trimester is especially dominated by fear or fears.

You have emotions about how the pregnancy will evolve, you tend to foresee everything that is worse and you also face a dilemma: are you ready or not to become a mother. There are new, but normal, feelings that dominate, at one point, almost all pregnant women.

It is a period filled with bad dreams or nightmares, which represents a "mirror" of the fears that try you during this period. You may also suffer from sleep disturbances amidst these feelings.

It is important to talk with close people or specialists about what you feel and worry about, find effective relaxation methods and try to clear up all your doubts or confusions regarding the evolution of pregnancy, risks, etc.

Feelings that try you for the second and the following tasks

The first task is always the hardest. You get hit by all kinds of new experiences, which you don't know how to treat and which make you become anxious and fearful. For the next tasks, things should be simpler and easier to run. Already you are used to all the states and emotions that are waiting for you and you know what to expect.

You are definitely wondering how the following tasks might differ from the first. At subsequent tasks you will try to take advantage of the beautiful moments, the exhilarating periods and the key moments of the nine months. You already know how to alleviate storms of negative emotions or agitation and irritability and which are the most effective methods of relaxation or calming. You should be able to more easily control the negative emotions and enjoy the pleasurable moments of the pregnancy.

What feelings did you have during your pregnancy? How did they affect you and how did you deal with them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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