Top of the most common feeding problems in children. Where do most parents go wrong?

Top of the most common feeding problems in children. Where do most parents go wrong?

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  • Obesity, malnutrition, precocious puberty, rickets, growth retardation or psychological problems, in the top of the main illnesses arising from a wrong diet in children;
  • Over 40% of sales, supported by nutrition products dedicated to children;
  • Milk, cereals, egg, soy, starch, nuts, peanuts and sesame - foods with the highest allergenic level in children

Although in the last period the interest for the special nutrition products dedicated to children has increased significantly, over 50% of the children in Romania still face serious feeding problems or overweight, according to, one of the largest online stores on local market, specialized in dietetic and therapeutic products for adults and children.

According to the retailer, obesity and its associated metabolic diseases (type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension), rickets, malnutrition, intestinal transit problems, early puberty, dental caries and growth retardation, along with psychological problems derived from these as they are anxiety, isolation or frustration, are found in the top of the diseases caused by an inadequate diet in children.

Thus, according to the latest studies carried out by the authorities in the field internally or internationally, in Romania over 40% of children are overweight or obese, and what is even more worrying is that most of them have also developed serious metabolic disorders associated weight gain, such as type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolemia or hypertension.

At the opposite end, one in three Romanian children living in rural areas suffer from malnutrition or other dangerous diseases due to an incorrect diet. Also, besides the problems due to an incorrect diet, a large part of the Romanian children also suffer from intolerances or food allergies, conditions that are not spread in time can have a particularly negative effect in their harmonious development.

The main mistakes parents make when it comes to baby nutrition

"Early detection of any type of sensitivity is an essential factor in the harmonious development of a child. Both from our own experience and from the problems reported by a large part of our clients, we learned that crying with the child is very rarely a random thing, in the first years of life, most of the time, this being related to a problem in terms of nutrition, "he said Maria Martac, Managing Director of

According to her, the main mistakes parents make when it comes to feeding their child are the daily number of meals offered to them, the amount of food offered, the so-called "sweet rewards" received after copious meals, by choosing less healthy foods due to lack of time or comfort, by ignoring the signals coming from the children, but also by the power of the example.

Thus, in addition to the fact that a parent must be very attentive to the signals coming from his or her child and to provide him / her with a balanced nutrition and according to his metabolic needs, he / she should not force the child to eat more than he / she needs. or urge him to consume foods that are inappropriate for his age. Also, offering too many alternatives in the diet and the example of unhealthy meals that I see to parents have a negative effect on the children, who are often tempted to choose processed foods, extremely appetizing and of course sweets.

"No child will choose to eat boiled rice with vegetables at the expense of fries, chia pudding instead of chocolate or donuts, or vegetable milk instead of sour juice. During its development it is very important for the child to choose when and how much he wants to eat, but not what he wants to eat. Parents, under the careful guidance of a specialist doctor, are the ones who must follow and make a correct diet for each child, which will include a complete nutritional need. and diversified and be adapted to its age, physical activity, affections, tastes and preferences, "stressed Maria Martac.

Foods with the highest allergenic level in children

Some of the most common nutrition problems in adults which, unfortunately, have been manifested since childhood and in children are food intolerances or allergies.

Thus, if in the first months of life, over 30% of children develop lactose intolerance, with the diversification and introduction of cereals in the diet, gluten intolerance may also occur. Moreover, after 6-8 months and 1 year, children may also face other types of intolerances or allergies, foods with the highest allergenic level in their case, besides cow's milk or cereals, being egg, soy, starch , honey, nuts, hazelnuts, sesame, etc.

"Belly pain, digestive dysfunction, vomiting, bloating, rush, lack of appetite, bloating, agitation, lack of sleep or growth retardation, are just a few of the symptoms that indicate an intolerance or a food allergy, of course, the manifestations being different from case to case. It is recommended that at the onset of any symptom that may be associated with a certain intolerance or allergy, the parent should submit their child to a detailed set of tests to confirm or deny the diagnosis. Thus, it can prevent the evolution of the disease and the appearance of complications at an early stage, "said the representative of, a biologist.

Also, according to her, once the diagnosis of an intolerance or an allergy is established, the parent must be very careful that the child's food is removed for a period of time, or definitively (depending on the situation), the food with allergen effect. .

Interest in nutrition products for growing children in recent years

In terms of the interest of Romanian parents in children's nutrition, according to Maria Martac, this has increased considerably in recent years, especially in the case of young couples, who are becoming more informed and concerned about this aspect.

Thus, this tendency can be easily noticed also in the evolution of sales in this segment, over 40% of the monthly sales being supported, at present, by the special nutrition products dedicated to children. Also, the demand and the interest for this type of products is constantly increasing, from year to year.

"The fact that more and more parents have begun to give more interest to the baby's diet can only enjoy us. However, unfortunately, in most cases, this interest increases with the detection of an illness or of special dietary needs (food intolerance, allergies to certain foods, digestive problems), the vast majority of parents reacting to problems and not necessarily for the purpose of prevention, "concluded Maria Martac.

Also, although the demand in this segment is quite high, according to, the local market for niche producers is not yet very developed, most of the food products for children being imported from European producers.

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