Premiere: Baby, just 8 days old, successfully operated for the treatment of severe pulmonary stenosis

Premiere: Baby, just 8 days old, successfully operated for the treatment of severe pulmonary stenosis

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A newborn suffering from critical pulmonary stenosis, only 8 days old, underwent an emergency intervention yesterday, June 17, at the Ares Centers of Excellence, in Bucharest. The procedure, first performed in Romania in a patient aged only 8 days, was a real success. The medical team that treated the baby was led by Dr. Basil Thanopoulos and by Dr. Dan Deleanu, primary cardiologists.

"The intervention is indeed an extremely complicated and risky one, considering the early age of the patient, but it was the only option to save the life of the newborn. Without the maneuver, he would have died in a few days.

The procedure consisted of the insertion of a balloon catheter at the end, in the femoral vein, with the final purpose of dilating the balloon inside the stenosed pulmonary valve. The maneuver managed to open the valve and, implicitly, greatly improved the cardiac circulation of the child, as well as the final prognosis. " Dr. Basil Thanopoulos, cardiologist primary physician at the Ares Centers of Excellence.

The baby was born on June 9 in a private maternity ward in Bucharest. The symptoms of the presence of the malformation were felt the next day, when the team of neonatologists and cardiologists of the hospital decided to refer the girl to the Section for Congenital Cardiac Malformations of the ARES Center, to correct the congenital malformation.

On the morning of June 17, the newborn was transferred to ARES with the SMURD Neonatology ambulance, where he underwent the intervention which lasted about two hours. Subsequently, the baby was safely transferred to the mother of origin, accompanied by the SMURD crew and the neonatologists team.

The newborn will stay in the maternity ward for 7 days, during which time he will be under continuous monitoring and drug therapy.

Critical stenosis of the pulmonary valve is a severe narrowing of the mentioned valve, which normally allows the passage of blood from the right ventricle into the lungs through the pulmonary artery.

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