Specialists from Norway at the International Autism Conference

Specialists from Norway at the International Autism Conference

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Today, autism is growing quite alarmingly, so it is estimated that in a school, every two classes, a student is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

In these conditions, The Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism organizes, from October 27 to 29, an event dedicated to autism. Thus, the International Autism Bucharest Conference (IACB 2017), which will take place at the Rin Grand Hotel Bucharest, will bring together a lot of specialists from the country and from abroad, people with an impressive experience in the fight with autism and who will discuss the most effective ones. and new therapies, scientifically validated and that have had good results when it comes to recovery in autism.

The event will be attended by Petter Myhrer-Naess, consultant in early behavioral intervention and active in the Department of Psychological and Educational Services in Bergen, Norway. The specialist has been working for over 22 years in the field of autism, being part of a working group for consulting and training active staff in centers for people with autism and other developmental disabilities. Also, Petter Myhrer-Naess also gives private consultancy in public schools and kindergartens facing situations related to autism.

Also from Norway, he comes to to share with us his experience Gabriela Vilhelmsen, psycho-pedagogue and counselor at the Arstad Pedagogical Center, under the aegis of the Psychological and Pedagogical service in Bergen, Norway. The specialist works either directly with the child with special needs in kindergartens, or advises parents and staff. His central interest is the communication and adaptation of the child to the daily life, the relationships with those around him and, last but not least, the game. One of the principles from which Gabriela Vilhelmsen never abides is that, regardless of diagnosis, the child is part of his kindergarten or school group and must follow, as far as possible, the activities together with the other children in the school or kindergarten. .

The specialists, psychologists, therapists and parents present at the conference will have access to current information about autism and accessible recovery therapies, as well as numerous strategies to improve family life when the child has autism. Specifically, IACB 2017 will discuss all things related to autism and therapies that over time have proven effective such as behavioral therapies, speech therapy, socializing or sensory therapies.

For more information about IACB 2017, event organized by the Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism, you can access the link

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