Chicory salad

Chicory salad

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The chicory salad is a simple salad, which if you know how to prepare it you will always put on your family tables.


Preparation time

20 minutes




2 husband endives

30 ml lemon juice

40 ml of olive oil

10 g sea salt

Method of preparation

Carefully clean the outer leaves and any impurities, then quickly place them under a stream of cold water. It is very important to respect this indication, because if the gums are not immediately put under cold water, they become bitter.

Cut the leaves of chicory into cubes or strips, add salt over them, then prepare a dressing of lemon juice and oil, which is mixed in this salad. Add salt to taste.


You can enrich the taste of chicory salad by adding in a bowl a mixture of dried seeds, such as pine seeds, pistachios or sunflower seeds.

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