Baby Boom Show comes with super prizes!

Baby Boom Show comes with super prizes!

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Baby Boom Show is not only a good opportunity to shop for you and your baby, but also to win super prizes. So come to the most successful fair for children between 0-5 years and future moms and sign up for the two raffles that will take place daily: Tombola Gravidei and Baby's tomb!

It's simple! You will receive at the entrance the participation heel that you will complete and which you will enter in one of the ballot boxes inside the exhibition pavilion. From here until winning an award is just one more step! At the end of each fair day, at the stage "The Baby Boom Show stars"the extractions will take place.

The prizes will, of course, be coveted by all participants: high-performance and comfortable strollers, cribs, chairs for the little ones, state-of-the-art medical products, cosmetics for babies and pregnant women, brightly colored clothes, toys of all kinds, photo shoots, etc.

Baby Boom Show, the fair dedicated to children between 0-5 years and future mothers, will take place during the period March 29 - April 1, the Romaero Baneasa. The event is organized by Euroexpo.

See the detailed list of prizes offered at the fair on

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